An Introduction to Conscious Cities

Conscious Cities Conference No.2

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Matthias Hollwich
New Aging

Prof Colin Ellard
Becoming The City

Thematic 1: What Does Neuroscience Teach Us About the Built Environment?

Prof Moshe Bar
Lasting Impressions in the Visual Brain

Prof Kate Jeffrey
Studying the Sense of Direction in the Brain

Dr Jamie Anderson
Striving for High Urban Wellbeing

Panel Thematic 1
Neuroscience in the Built Environment

Thematic 2: How Can We Use High Technology in the Built Environment?

Dr Tasos Varoudis
Beyond the Visual Field

Elite Sher
Virtual Reality and Architecture

Prof Ruth Dalton
Whose Consciousness?

Panel Thematic 2
High Technology in the Built Environment

Thematic 3: Creating Conscious Design: How Does Behavioural Insight Affect Architecture and Planning?

Alison Brooks
Great Design is Driven by Behavioural Insight

Prof Nick Tyler
How do People Interact with Their Environment?

Panel Thematic 3
Behavioural Insight in Architecture and Planning


Thematic 4: Building a Conscious City: The Role of Governance and Industry

Patricia Brown
Evidence as Basis for Change

Scott Cain
Turning Concepts into Projects

Panel 4
The Role of Governance and Industry



Ben Derbyshire
President-elect of The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Dr Joanna Bryson
Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy, and Robot Ethics Researcher

Juliette Morgan
Property Technology Specialist