Anthology No.2: Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture, and Technology

Publication of the 2017 Conscious Cities Conference

Our Anthologies and Journals are open access publications featuring research and practice in the field of conscious cities.
Both publications, and our Brainwaves blog address the intersections of Architecture, Planning, Neuroscience, Technology, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Governance, Policy, and Ethics.


November 2017

Managing flexibility in workplace design - Addressing the impact of flexibility in workplace design, and calling for thorough examination of correlations between personal experience and contextual variations.

Mind over matter: The restorative impact of perceived open space - How can architects, designers and facility planners mitigate the deleterious impact of isolated spaces on occupants?

Urban consciousness for sustainable development City planning in the context of UN Sustainability Goals for good health and wellbeing.

Cities as meta-cities A look at the conscious city as the conscious decisions of the people who live within it, practically meaning their participation and contribution to the commons.

Wonder as an interruption (student showcase) How can we design to make individuals more aware of the in-between?

Conscious Cities Journal No.3

August 2017

Conscious Cities Journal No.2

February 2017

Conscious Cities Journal No.1

November 2016

UD/MH Journal: Conscious Cities Edition

Conscious Cities Edition

About the Journal

The Conscious Cities journal is a platform for the growing community of researchers, thinkers, and practitioners now defining the new field of conscious cities. The journal concentrates on four focus areas:
The Philosophy of Conscious Cities – Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics.
Methods of Observation and Analysis – Understanding forms of expression and their meaning, Big Data, Social media.
Drivers and Tools for Design – Methods for informing and creating Architecture and Urban Design, Novel approaches, Case Studies, Technology.
Making an Impact – Policy, Governance, Decision making.
We welcome submissions to the journal at all times, please see our Call for Papers.

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