Leader of UCL Spatial Cognition Group, Dr Hugo Spiers at #CCities2

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Dr. Hugo Spiers is based in the Department of Experimental Psychology at UCL, where he is a Reader in Neuroscience. He is a Faculty Member of the Memory Disorders Research Society, Group Leader of the UCL Spatial Cognition Group and Director of Science at The Centric Lab. Hugo will speak on 3rd May as part of Thematic 3 – Creating Conscious Design, which asks: how does behavioural insight affect architecture and planning?

Hugo is interested in how our brain constructs representations of the world and uses them to navigate, imagine the future and remember the past. He employs cognitive and behavioural neuroscience techniques in his laboratory to study the neural basis of spatial cognition: brain imaging, neuropsychological testing, virtual reality, eye-tracking and single cell recording are used as methods to understand brain function and spatial cognition.

The last few tickets for #CCities2 are available online here. Get yours now to join the conversation on 3rd May.