Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience founder Kate Jeffrey to speak at #CCities2

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More information on Conscious Cities Conference No.2 here

Based at UCL, Kate Jeffrey leads her own laboratory – the Jeffrey Lab – as part of the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience (IBN). She established the IBN as a way of bringing psychology and neuroscience closer together, and to develop the biological profile of the department. Kate’s work looks at the way that neurons encode complex space; she is interested in understanding how memory and knowledge production really work and how the brain makes an internal representation of space.

By focusing on our ‘cognitive map’, Kate’s work examines how we learn spatial information and use it in navigating complex environments. This relates to Thematic 1 of the conference, which asks what does neuroscience teach us about the built environment? We look forward to hearing Kate’s contribution to this discussion and hope that you can join us to listen and participate on 3rd May.

Tickets for #CCities2 are available here.

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