Co-founder of The Centric Lab, Araceli Camargo to speak at #CCities2

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Cognitive neuroscientist Araceli Camargo is a co-founder of the The Centric Lab, specialising in neuroscience for the built environment. The Centric Lab works with clients from local authorities to real estate developers, delivering tailored reports with usable and practical insights emerging from their research and testing processes.

Prior to becoming the Director of the The Centric Lab, Araceli undertook a masters in neuroscience at King’s College London, where she studied the attentional differences between people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and normative individuals. The study was part of the EU-AIMS, which is the largest single grant for autism in the world, and the largest for the study of any mental health disorder in Europe.

Araceli is also founder of THE CUBE in London and INPUT LOFTS in New York City, both co-working spaces were founded to be and remain self-sustaining.

Araceli will be chairing Thematic 1 of #CCities2, which asks: What does neuroscience teach us about the built environment? In this section we will be discussing the latest in neuroscience research as it affects the built environment with speakers Prof Moshe Bar, Prof Kate Jeffrey, and Dr Jamie Anderson.