The conscious cities podcast series focuses on the built environment industry in London. Right now London is at an interesting crossroads, a city organically developed over the centuries is contriving to become a mega-city. With that comes some teething troubles. In a 1-1 interview series, we’ll be speaking with interesting people deep in the real estate and built environment industries working on the city of tomorrow. We’ll try to identify holes in macro plans and great opportunities ahead that can be seized.

Hosted by Josh Artus. All comments to please.

Episode 5 // Talking construction with Ashley Perry of JLL

In this episode we’re speaking to Ashley Perry, a Canadian calling London home as he works at international property services firm JLL ( Jones Lang Lasalle). We’ve got to know Ashley recently through his promotion of, and work within, the more eco-sustainable side of property development. As those of us who live anywhere near construction sites will know, tackling issues such as air and noise pollution is a must, these are some of the things that Ashley is working on promoting to the major developers that he works for at JLL. With a broad view on the future of the construction industry through technological innovations, he’s a great person to teach us all a bit more about what’s actually going on in the big bad world of the real estate development industry.

Episode 4 // Alt Finance & Housing with Daneal Bassiouni

A second episode exploring what are the alternative financing models out there helping make property and urban development more democratic. We’ll be speaking with Daneal Bassiouni from Common Home ( They’re up to some very interesting things hitting on that triumvirate of a win-win-win in civic lead urban development.

Episode 3 // Alternative Finance with Michael Dean

The first in a two-part episode looking at new financing models for property development. Whilst we can look at a variety of means for creating Conscious Cities, it also has to be funded by someone, somehow. It’s important to understand what innovations are being made in other sectors, in order to understand ideal collaborations and potential cross-market product fits. In this episode we’ll be speaking with Michael Dean, who’s a principal at the firm Avamore Capital.

Episode 2 // Neuroscience with Dr Hugo Spiers

In this episode I get to speak with Dr. Hugo Spiers, a reader in Neuroscience at University College London. Whilst I will typically be speaking with those in the real estate sectors this was a great opportunity to grab some of Dr. Spiers’s time as we were prepping for the Conscious Cities conference that recently took place here in London.